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High School

Connor Ripple is a 20-year-old photographer, filmmaker, writer, and student. He has attended three high schools: Harvest High School (freshman year), Northbay Christian Academy (sophomore year), and Credo High School (junior and senior year). He has received five distinguished awards total from the schools he has attended. He also been on Student Council for three years, as class representative. Considering that he has transferred to three different high schools, this achievement demonstrates his natural ability to connect with and reach out to people. 

The reason for Connor’s transfer to three different high schools can be explained in depth on the History page under the Academics tab. You can also read more about his academic awards and achievements on that page. During his junior and senior year of high school, Connor was hired at In-N-Out Burger, and he continued to work there throughout his junior and senior year, around 13 hours per week. One of his favorite parts about the job is seeing so many people every day that he knows in Petaluma. As he moved up quickly at In-N-Out and moved towards more internal food prep and cooking roles, he decided to leave his job, as his heart was about with and serving other people. 

Connor Ripple has created several projects related to film, including a film about gun violence in schools, which initiated discussions between students, faculty, and local authorities on improving school safety.  Whether it’s a mission trip to Mexico and working with kids at an Orphanage, flying to North Carolina and doing disaster relief after hurricane Florence, or filming the aftermath of the wildfires in California, filmmaking has enabled him to share his story, and more importantly, share other people’s stories. He also started Credo Film Club, the first film club at his high school. As president, he organizes and speaks at meetings, arranges time to meet outside of school to film, makes flyers, websites and Instagram pages to promote the club, and much more. Credo Film Club’s goal is to learn, develop, and enjoy the best films in the industry among other like-minded students. By harnessing the power that filmmaking provides people, Connor Ripple has gained experience in the field and has learned effective storytelling techniques. 

He also created a Youtube channel dedicated to promoting alternative & indie music, with a focus on small artists. This channel, Pinnacle, has harbored a flourishing community centered around a single focus: music. Some of his videos have been recommended by Youtube and have reached over 5 million views. 

As briefly mentioned, Connor Ripple has had a handful of engaging community service opportunities. With over 3000 hours of community service, he has been a camp counselor, leader, volunteer, and more. Connor Ripple has been involved as a leader in the “Leader-In-Training” program at Awana. Awana is a nonprofit global leader in youth discipleship and Biblical evangelism. He has been a leader for kids, encouraging and helping them understand and complete projects and goals, and also has led games for the kids. He has done this on a weekly basis before and throughout high school. For three years, Connor and his mother trained his golden retriever, Cooper, to become a service dog with the organization Paws As Loving Support (PALS). Connor went to the public library in Petaluma each week and let young children with anxiety, dyslexia, or other reading-related issues read in a pressure-free zone to a loving dog. Many small children would lay on a blanket on the ground and read their favorite book to a puppy, where they wouldn’t feel any pressure or anxiety from their peers. With the demanding time of high school and work, Connor stopped this service sophomore year, but he is immensely grateful for the experience that it brought him. He is also on the production team at his church, Calvary Chapel Petaluma, a nondenominational Christian Church. His duties include setting up before services, controlling stage lighting, operating the camera, and running projector slides during dual Sunday services. He has done this for four years. During 8th grade, Connor went on a week-long mission trip to Mexico and worked at a local orphanage and helped build a home for a family. He was shocked at how the families were living in the Tijuana dump, yet they were still grateful to God. Even though they lived in one of the worst places to live on earth, they were still happy. It opened his eyes to what makes a meaningful and satisfied life. Connor Ripple was also on the “Timothy Teams” program for one summer at Mount Gilead Camp, one of the largest Christian camps for youth in northern California. His tasks involved attending study meetings, setting up for camp activities, engaging and playing with children anywhere from 4th – 12th grade, as well as being a cabin counselor. This 6-week program during the summer of 9th grade enabled Connor to become a passionate and capable young leader. Over the next summer, Connor Ripple also helped out at a Vacation Bible School for four weeks over the summer with Living Word Chapel in Novato, California. Many of the tasks and assignments were similar to the previous year; mostly camp-related duties. During the second week in November, the opportunity opened up for Connor to go on a disaster relief trip to help with the aftermath of hurricane Florence in North Carolina. He took a week off of school and work and went on a trip that inspired him to continue serving other people.


Connor’s transition to school was slightly rough. He started enrolling in Chemistry classes, and decided that they were not for him. It was not like he remembered in high school. Considering that he had previous experience in graohic design, and creating videos, he decided to pursue Marketing instead, which is what he is doing today. 

Just like high school, Connor was not afraid to get involved in his school community, and he did so right away. Shortly after school started, Connor Ripple decided to run for Representative for On-Campus Housing council (a student government position). He was elected, and did various tasks to enrich student life and the living experience for students. This involved a handful of things, including programming and promoting events with up to 1500 students. 

During the fall, Connor started creating short-form videos on TikTok. Using his previous knowledge of film editing, as well as visual effects, he was able to produce hilarious, eye-catching, as well as educational content. After his videos was consistently viral, he joined the TikTok team, as a brand ambassador, working on specific campaigns with the TikTok marketing team while growing his audience. 

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Last updated: April 23, 2021.