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My passion is helping fast-paced companies elevate their business model by focusing on sustainability initiatives, and diversity and inclusion. My interest in these fields created a lasting impact in brand awareness among fast-paced companies.


One thing that marks my passion for service is being involved. I live by the motto, “Be present, be observant, be available.” I have a natural ability to connect with people in fast and constantly changing environments. My background as a dog handler, camp counselor, and other volunteer positions have provided me with a diverse interpersonal skillset, including assisting teams, project management, and driving results in a fast-paced environment.

In the future, I want to be in a workplace that values problem-solving, inclusion, creativity, and teamwork, where progress is valued, and the company’s vision is upheld.

Connor Ripple has partnered with multiple companies and brands to breathe life into their ideas and approach each project with his collaborative and iterative process. As a leader and designer, Connor strives to develop clear and effective strategies that help businesses find creative ways to maximize their impact.

Culture + Advocacy Projects, Marketing, and more
Audience research, content strategy, TikTok consulting, and more

Cultural Affairs Commission

Currently part of the social media team, helping to promote campus-wide cultural initiatives at UCLA. 

Web Design

I have experience building and hosting my own sites using a server + CPanel, and also WordPress. I am familiar with HTML, CSS Snippets management, and other tools like Squarespace.

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